Palladium Bullion

Palladium is a chemical element with the symbol Pd and atomic number 46. It is a rare and shiny silvery-white metal discovered in 1803 by English chemist William Hyde Wollaston.

Palladium investors typically buy palladium bars and other palladium bullion items in order to directly own physical, private palladium investment vehicles with direct exposure to the varying palladium spot price.

Palladium is a rare precious metal and its US dollar price has at times been higher than both platinum and even gold! The all-time palladium record high price happened near the end of the dot-com bubble.

The all-time record high price of palladium occurred on January 26, 2001. That day, the palladium record price high reached $1,094.00 oz USD. The same morning of the US dollar palladium price high, the AM palladium fix was more than four times the AM gold fix ($264.50 oz), almost two times the AM platinum fix price ($616 oz), and over two hundred twenty five times the day’s silver fix price ($4.78 oz).

Years after the 2001 peak in palladium price, derivatives offering price exposure to the spot price of palladium were introduced for stock market investors. In 2007 a palladium exchange-traded commodity security (referred in short as palladium ETCs) was introduced on the London Stock Exchange. In 2010, a palladium exchange-traded fund (called a palladium ETF in short) was introduced on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Is Palladium rarer than Gold?

The answer to is palladium rarer than gold is both yes and no.

Palladium is, indeed, rare with an estimated Earth’s crust concentration of 0.015 parts per million (ppm).

In correlation, silver is found in 0.075 ppm, platinum’s ground bounty is at 0.005 ppm, while gold is revealed at 0.004 ppm in the Earth. To give you another viewpoint, assuming we convert palladium’s parts per million extraordinariness into time, we would find 1 moment of palladium in a little more than 125 years’ time For gold it would be over 450 years, platinum north of 380 years, and for silver beyond 25 years to 1 moment or their particular valuable metal recuperation.

Albeit gold is almost multiple times more uncommon in the Earth’s outside layer than palladium, people have been digging gold for a long time while palladium was just logically found years and years prior. Along these lines over the ground supplies of gold bullion bantam the present refined and accessible actual palladium supply.

Formally found in the mid nineteenth Century, current mining information states a little more than 6,000 tons of palladium have at any point been mined by humankind. From the beginning of time multiple times more gold and approximately multiple times more silver have been mined contrasted with palladium.

Over the previous decade, capital streams for palladium as a speculation have expanded (particularly since the initiation of palladium trade exchanged items) yet still basically all of the present palladium request stays for modern employments.

Palladium Supply

Palladium is much more vulnerable to both mining and political disruptions compared to other ubiquitously mined and sought after precious metals like silver and gold.

Palladium supply disruptions are often a catalyst for a sharply increasing palladium price.

Today close to 80% of the fresh world’s palladium supply is dug up from just two nation states, South Africa and Russia. About 40% of all new mined palladium supplies come from South Africa while another 40% of the world’s current palladium mine supply comes from Russia.

Both nations have had major palladium supply disruptions this 21st Century.

It was a Russian palladium supply disruption late in the year 2000 helped spur the all-time palladium price record high of nearly $1,100 oz in January 2001. This same Russian palladium supply shortage caused the Ford Motor Company’s purchasing department staff to stockpile palladium at record high prices without prudently using futures or options contracts to properly hedge their palladium price risks.

By early 2002 Russian palladium supplies were again exporting and the US dollar spot price of palladium had fallen by more than 60% from its prior year’s all-time record price. The Ford Motor Company was forced to write-off $1 billion of the value of the precious metal stockpile it had acquired.

In more recent years, South African mining labor strikes, political instability, and turmoil have adversely affected palladium supply production totals often driving palladium prices higher over somewhat short time frames.

Palladium Bullion in Zephyrhills FL

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Most platinum and palladium coins are referred to as bullion coins.

Which means they are traded for their metal value.

The most common Platinum Bullion coins include:

  • American Eagle.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf.
  • Australian Koala.
  • Isle of Man Noble.
  • Chinese Panda. 

 Whereas the most common Palladium Bullion coins include:

  • Canadian Maple Leaf.
  • Russian Ballerina.
  • Australian Emu.
  • Isle of Man Angel.
  • Chinese Panda.
  • American Eagle.

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A palladium version of the American Eagle coin series was authorized by the American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin Act of 2010.

The act called for “a $25 coin of an appropriate size and thickness, as determined by the Secretary, that weighs 1 troy ounce and contains .9995 fine palladium.”


  • Composition: 99.95% palladium
  • Diameter: 1.340 inches
  • Weight: 1.0005 troy ounces

Obverse Inscriptions

  • W mint mark
  • Artist initials “WA”
  • Year

Reverse Inscriptions

  • $25
  • 1 OZ. Pd (chemical symbol for palladium)
  • .9995 FINE



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American Palladium Eagle Proof

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